houseinhand-300x146Sick and Tired of Dealing with Delinquent Tenants, Complaining Neighbors and all the everyday issues that arise from being a rental property owner? Then look no further, put your home in the experienced property management hands of C.A. Leighton Company and we will do the rest…..

We offer a full service, 24 Hour Property Management Team to handle all of your Property Rental needs. Some of our services include but are not limited to the following:

• Secure New Tenants
• Complete Background and Criminal Checks on Prospective New Tenants
• Prepare Leases
• Prepare Eviction Notice and File with Local Authorities
• Attend Eviction Hearings
• Handle all calls from Tenants regarding any and all Property Issues

Our monthly fee for managing a Single Family Residence is 10% and 12 % for a Multi-Family Property of the total rent collected. If we do not collect the rent, we do not get paid. There are also additional fees for the above referenced services, please contact our office for details. Owners receive a Property Management Statement on the 10th of each month, for the previous rental month. This statement outlines the rents collected minus any expenses, such as our fee, plumber, electrician, etc. If there is a positive net receipt balance the owner will receive a check for that amount with the statement.

Please do not hesitate to contact C.A. Leighton Company, Inc. for further information or you can continue to call the tenant that is avoiding you ….. Looking forward to your call.

Thomas M. Leighton, Property Manager

Office Staff

Thomas M. Leighton
PA State Certified Appraiser, RL000383L
Broker, BA002765L
Property Manager

Patricia Leighton
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Brian J. Leighton
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Alan P. Rosen
Salesperson, RS183932L


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Thomas M. Leighton
Patricia Leighton
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